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VeriSM Plus

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Recommended Package

Our recommended package is “VeriSM Plus – 60 days access plus exam”. ¬†It gives you an additional 30 days free access when you buy the exam upfront.

Course Overview

  • Get VeriSM Plus qualified at your own pace
  • 30 or 60 days online access
  • Fully accredited
  • VeriSM Plus study guides and more…
  • Tutor support
  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • Training + Virtual Mentor session included

Course Contents

  • 18 lessons – easy to absorb lessons covering the VeriSM‚ĄĘ model, innovative technologies, progressive practices, and innovative technologies
  • Includes video tutorials, study guides and quizzes
  • Study duration: 7 hours

Lessons in this training

  • Lesson 1:¬†Digital transformation
  • Lesson 2:¬†Organizational structure
  • Lesson 3:¬†Teams
  • Lesson 4:¬†Introduction to the VeriSM model
  • Lesson 5:¬†The VeriSM Model Part 1 Define
  • Lesson 6:¬†The VeriSM Model Part 2 Produce
  • Lesson 7:¬†The VeriSM Model Part 3 Provide
  • Lesson 8:¬†The VeriSM Model Part 4 Respond
  • Lesson 9:¬†Adapting the VeriSM Model
  • Lesson 10:¬†Progressive practices Agile
  • Lesson 11:¬†Progressive practices DevOps and SIAM
  • Lesson 12:¬†Progressive practices Lean Shift Left
  • Lesson 13:¬†Progressive practices CXUX Continuous Delivery
  • Lesson 14:¬†Innovative Technologies ‚Äč- Part 1
  • Lesson 15:¬†Innovative Technologies ‚Äď Part 2
  • Lesson 16:¬†Innovative Technologies ‚Äď Part 3
  • Lesson 17:¬†Getting Started
  • Lesson 18:¬†Exam Preparation

Course Samples

Course Prerequisites

  • VeriSM Essentials Certificate or a current Foundation Certificate from most other recognised service management frameworks (ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, IT4IT etc)

Exam details

  • Exam duration: 30 minutes
  • Exam format: closed book, multiple choice
  • Exam delivery: online, webcam proctored
  • Exam pass mark: 65% (13/20 questions)
  • Exam language: extra time is available for non-native English speakers

Who’s it for

VeriSM Plus is aimed at those who already hold VeriSM Essentials, or a foundation level qualification in ITIL or ISO/IES 20000 and have previous knowledge and experience of service management fundamentals.


VeriSM Plus – 30 days access, VeriSM Plus – 60 days access, VeriSM Plus – examination only, VeriSM Plus – 60 days access plus exam