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The Benefits of SIAM

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) services make the managing of a multi-service provider environment that bit simpler. It takes away the responsibility from the business and allows business owners to focus on the real task at hand – running a business.

But what does that mean? How is the process made simpler? And what benefits are there to businesses using SIAM services?

Business Benefits of Using SIAM

Where organisations contract with multiple service providers to deliver end-to-end services for their End-Users, SIAM provides the following benefits:

• Coordination of delivery, integration and interoperability between multiple services and service providers.
• Effective governance and increased accountability
• Increased end to end accountability for service performance
• Greater access to expertise from a wider range of service providers
• Positive competition between existing and potential service providers
• Better risk management for the business
• Service improvement and increased customer satisfaction
• Increased responsiveness to change
• Introduction of collaboration activities across internal and external service providers

By implementing this approach, SIAM can create an environment where all parties, internal and external, know their roles and responsibilities and are held accountable for service outcomes.