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Syamic offers consulting and training services designed to empower organizations in enhancing their SIAM (Service Integration And Management) capabilities. Elevate your company’s efficiency with a fully scalable and streamlined system. Our SIAM experts craft effective strategies and engineer top-tier, scalable SIAM solutions that enable organizations to facilitate change, realise their vision, and optimise their performance

Syamic has three connected offerings:


SIAM Capability Assessment

We provide a detailed analysis of an organisation‚Äôs current ‚ÄėAs-Is state‚Äô. From this, we develop a complete overview of their capabilities and map them to their ambitions to realise a successful SIAM implementation or optimisation of the organisation‚Äôs current operating model. We focus on skills, processes and tools and highlight opportunities for tactical quick wins and long-term strategic goals to achieve better collaboration across the supplier landscape.


Target Operating Model Design

We provide a full design and implementation service to develop Service Integration and scalable SIAM capabilities. This includes governance frameworks, skills development, process development and service management tooling. Our approach ensures that delivery is owned by the business’s service management organisation and that the design fully integrates with existing organisational capabilities.


Service Management Transformation

Syamic facilitates strategic planning for SIAM and service management transformation by employing a structured approach comprising four essential steps, each meticulously tailored to deliver effective solutions:

  1. Understanding the current state of service management in the organisation
  2. Describing the future state and what the organisation would like to achieve
  3. Outlining the steps needed to achieve the future state
  4. Detailing the next stages in the transformation


"Syamic aims to give organisations a true understanding of how they operate. It uses insight to empower business leaders and bring out the best in an organisation’s people and partners. It can help to define roles, build collaboration and, above all, help everyone to work better together."

Together, we can help you take back full control of services, suppliers and costs.

IMS Governance

Syamic works to define policies, processes and standards through the governance of an organisation’s SIAM Operating Model and its Integration Management Service (IMS). Effective governance provides control and assurance that the SIAM Model, managed by the IMS, is properly aligned to the organisation’s strategic objectives. It enables timely decision-making and discussion of risks, issues and successes, through a structure that is fully scalable as your company grows. Our high-level governance model is divided into three layers: Strategic, Tactical and Operational.

Syamic Office

Strategic level:
Work with all service providers to review the portfolio of services, align technology and service roadmaps and ensure continued alignment with the customer’s business needs within the Intelligent Client Function and IMS framework.

Tactical level: 
The IMS will assure the performance of all service providers and drive collaboration across the service provider landscape to deliver service innovation and continual service improvement for the benefit of the customer.

Operational level:
he IMS will coordinate the bringing together of expertise, process ownership and knowledge from across the landscape to drive process improvements and to address specific issues through effective multi-service provider cooperation.